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Help purchase or build an Aquaponics system. Learn how to operate an Aquaponics unit and monitor the fish and plants on weekends. Harvest and package crops. Other ideas for how you can help? Contact us anytime with your ideas by sending an email to

Hold a Fundraiser

Your school, community group, family, friends can hold a fundraising event with activities suited to your interests. Consider these “Go Green Fundraisers” to raise funds, promote awareness, and teach kids and your community about earth-friendly practices!

  • Adopt-a-Tree: An Adopt-a-Tree fundraiser is a great way to raise funds, teach children about the role trees play in our everyday lives, and do something meaningful for the environment. Supporters adopt a tree for a pre-determined price. You then hold a tree-planting ceremony for supporters to attend. Supporters can help with the planting, and enjoy a fun-filled afternoon of games and refreshments.
  • Green Motion Marathon: Green motion means that participants can take part in your marathon using any type of transportation they wish, as long as their vehicle of choice is 100% earth-friendly. That means bicycles, skateboards, rollerblades, your own two feet, or any other means of getting around that has a low impact on the earth.
  • Community Cleanup: One of the biggest pollution problems we have is littering! City parks and other public gathering places are often full of trash and graffiti. Raise funds by choosing a public area in need of a good cleanup, and get members of the community to sponsor your group. You only need a few supplies, and lots of energy and dedication for this event.

We will support your event in any way you need. Contact us about one of these or your own idea for fundraising by sending an email to

Sponsorships and Contributions

Aquaponics Project works with corporations and educational institutions to increase success through mutually beneficial initiatives. Corporations make donations and sponsor location projects; manufacturers and retailers contribute supplies and materials. Your organization has the opportunity to promote products, get press, and goodwill from community while giving back. For more information email

Education Enrichment

Are you interested in Aquaponics, agriculture, sustainability, the environment? Are you interested in developing new technologies, engineering a more economic or sustainable system as a class or thesis project? Contact us today — email

Donate Now

Consider this:

  • $20 buys seeds for a family for a year of growing
  • $300 builds a backyard unit for those in need
  • $500 sponsors a community presentation that includes small aquaponics system

Follow this link to our secure site to make your donation online today:

Or mail to:

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Aquaponics Project Inc is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit. All donations are tax deductible as described by the IRS.

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Send an email to and let us know how we can work together for mutually beneficial outcomes.

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