Our Approach

Innovation through Collaboration

The Aquaponics Project philosophy for success is collaboration among corporations, nonprofits, community groups, and government entities. Sharing of new ideas is the innovation that generates high-impact results and positive outcomes. We envision self‐sustaining communities where all individuals and organizations work together to achieve long‐term access to affordable, healthy food. Sustainability beginning at a local level builds the best outcomes through mutual commitment, accountability, and pride.

Program Fundamentals

The primary objective of APi is to provide residents of community food deserts with access to year-round fresh, healthy food. APi collaborates with a team of subject matter experts to develop and build an aquaponics farming system for community groups. Farm operation, staff training, education curriculum, internship and career opportunities, all support the program core — production of healthy, locally grown food in a sustainable, environmentally friendly aquaponics system.

In addition to provision of healthy food, these innovative farms are an experiential learning tool for the areas of STEAM, the environment, nutrition, and life skills. The comprehensive programs include a teaching curriculum that is appropriate for the target audience and introduces career opportunities such as urban farming, construction, technology, marketing, environmental protection, and culinary jobs.

The Growing Environment

In addition to the basic components and outputs of aquaponics systems, APi systems focus on year-round production of food and green initiatives. Housing the aquaponics system in a controlled environment greenhouse provides key benefits of food biosecurity; extended growing seasons through heating and cooling; protection from the elements and outside climate; controlled resource usage of water and energy; added crop diversity; and uses on unproductive land or rooftops.

Attention to natural resource usage and integration of renewable energy sources are incorporated into APi system plans. The use of solar power, rainwater catchment systems, composting, and duckweed production can result in systems that are truly “off grid” and self-sustaining.

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