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Aquaponics GrowDome at CBEC

The Aquaponics GrowDome at CBEC is our inaugural partnership project built at Chesapeake Bay Environmental Center in Grasonville, MD. The GrowDome is a 42-foot geodesic dome greenhouse with an underground Ground to Air Heat Transfer (GAHT) system which acts as a geothermal battery to both heat and cool the greenhouse. The GrowDome houses an Aquaponics system that maximizes the usable space within the greenhouse. It includes a “Fish Farm 2” (two 500-gallon fish tanks, a clarifier tank, solids removal tank, and biofilter tank,) incorporated with four growing methods used in aquaponics: clay media beds, deep water culture (DWC) beds, nutrient film technique pipes (NFT), and vertical towers that the system water continually recirculates through. There is more than 1,000 SF of growing space in the GrowDome.

Print Community Agriculture Initiative for Sustainability (CAIFS)

The CAIFS program encompasses all the activities and program objectives of the GrowDome: raising tilapia fish; growing and harvesting a variety of healthy crops including lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, celery, onions, strawberries, and herbs; distribution of those crops to the food insecure; and educating the community on how aquaponics works and how to build and operate a sustainable at-home system. Collaborating with other nonprofit agencies and community grassroots organizations, along with support from dedicated community volunteers, are integral to achieving the goals and carrying out the mission.

Sharing Knowledge: Aquaponics Units for Groups, Families, and Individuals

Aquaponics systems can be designed and sized to produce food for any population. The sustainable farming method can benefit individuals and families who will improve access to fresh food by building and operating an aquaponics system at home.

APi staff meets with community groups to educate their constituents on the principles of aquaponics and demonstrate how to construct a small system for a home, backyard, or classroom. The unit can provide a year-round method of growing fresh vegetables and fruits. APi donates the demonstration aquaponics unit to the community group at the conclusion of the presentation, and also provides a materials list and operating instructions so all attendees can create their own sustainable farming system and grow healthy food. Contact Julie@growfood365.org to learn more.

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