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Julia Carleton
Our Founder is a passionate visionary focused on bringing social missions to the forefront. Since 1985, Julie has been a Trustee on the Board of Directors of the Danellie Foundation, a private philanthropic foundation dedicated to helping those in need. Through this philanthropic work, Julie took particular interest in derelict communities where residents suffer from a lack of education and job skills, which typically results in high unemployment rates and income below the poverty scale. The despondent conditions make nutritious, fresh, and healthy food inaccessible, furthering the cycle of poverty and social injustice. When Julie was introduced to aquaponics in 2013, she immediately recognized this system as an opportunity to transform food deserts around the globe.
“Engaging in collaborative sustainability projects will result in innovative, impactful solutions that ensure long-term positive outcomes,” states Julie. “My goal is to be instrumental in driving social justice initiatives that result in worldwide food security and improved ecosystems.”Through the Aquaponics Project, Julie hopes to realize this objective.

Lou Bucelli

Rebeca Barragan

Nancy Dinsmore

Frank Farreri

Jacalyn Facciolo

Darlene Anderson

Aquaponics Project is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit. All donations are tax deductible as described by the IRS.

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